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Recent studies indicate that a significant majority of Americans, exceeding 90%, experience some level of essential vitamin or nutrient deficiency. Pretty surprising, right?

Various factors, including physical, emotional, and environmental stressors, can impair the proper functioning of our digestive system; as a result, we only absorb about 20% of oral nutrients.

That’s where Prime IV Hydration & Wellness comes in. We offer IV therapy which directly pumps vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antixoxidants, and other important micronutrients directly into your bloodstream. This way your body instantly gets access to all those essential nutrients you’ve been missing. With 100% absorption, your cells get the ultimate support they need to thrive, leading to better health and overall well-being. It’s like a fast pass for your body!

Whether you’ve been hustling on the pickleball court, recovering from an illness, or feeling the effects from a wild night out on the town, Prime IV has you covered! We’ll customize your care to suit your personal needs. So why not give it a shot and see how boosting your body’s fuel can make you feel?

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